Couples Photography at Bagley Lakes

After a Vaugebook post seeking my friends to let me photograph them, my friend Katie who I'd met through blogging sent me a message asking if I'd like to meet up to take pictures near Artist Point. Having never been to the Mt Baker area, I jumped on the opportunity. I'm very out of practice with being at ease behind my camera and my experience with interfacing with people posing for me is not as up to snuff as I'd like.

I was floored by the views when I arrived at Picture Lake. Somehow this area is even wilder in my mind than the peaks surrounding Mt Rainier that I'd visited and backpacked earlier this year. Bright reds and yellows dotted the mountains, snow was present, and I could easily see how big of a skiers paradise this must be. 

Once Katie arrived, we wandered Bagley Lakes stopping by beautiful little streams and bunches of flowers. We chatted easily about gear and our hopes for our craft, fitness, and life. We met a plein air painter near the boarded up visitor building also, and I was so enamored with her work. Katie was braver than I was meeting new people and took her picture.  I hope one day to have that kind of confidence!

After our loop around to the trailhead, we met Katie's friends and meandered back down around the lakes. Katie was super generous to let me act as a "second shooter," and I spent the next hour and a half clicking away and trying to feel comfortable with my 10-pound setup and get used to my 200mm. It was a great experience, and hopefully, I'll have more portrait opportunities soon!

You can find my favorites below. All the credit for the shoot setup and logistics go to Katie—you can follow her at Resensical Imagery on Facebook and or @resensicalimagery on Instagram!